Dark and Distressing thoughts?

April 18, 2020

I've worked with many people who suffer from OCD and didn't know it! Right now when anixety is high, and things seem out of our control, OCD is likely to get worse for many. OCD is not just about washing hands, checking switches or ordering and counting things. Another part of OCD can be intrusive thoughts. These intrusive thoughts can be very dark and disturbing. They can be scary and make you think you might do something that you really don't want to do. If these thoughts go against all of your core beliefs and values as a good human being they are described as 'ego dystonic'.


A lady I worked with before lock down thought she was going to stab her husband. She was so scared and disgusted with herself. She had no idea it was OCD. As a result all knives were removed from the house and other agencies were involved to manage the alleged risk posed to her husband. It never occurred to her that these were just thoughts, and her distress was because she really didn't want to do it.  Those knives are now back in her kitchen and her husband is still alive and kicking. 


My intrusive thought, almost every day on the way to work, is wondering what it would be like to swerve into the central reservation on the A1. I know it is just an intrusive thought, with no actual intent, and as soon as it pops into my head it leaves again. I pay no attention to it because I know they are normal and that I am normal (whatever normal is)!

Often the people who are most distressed by these thoughts suffer in silence for years. Imagine having thoughts of hurting your child physically or sexually. Imagine! Could you tell somebody that you think like that? Who would listen? Would they call the police or social services? Would you lose your children? 


For anybody suffering in silence, I thought it might be helpful to see the piece of research below.  It shows that many others have these intrusive thoughts too!








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